Global Talent Visa UK

Global Talent Visa UK
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About Global Talent Visa UK : Right after the leaving of United Kingdom from historical Union of Europe, the Secretary of State to Home Department announced a new visa category for scientist, researchers, writers, artists, actors and mathematicians on 01st Feb of 2020. This visa has been launched on 20th Feb 2020 and applications are already being taken by UK Visas & Immigration. This visa category is a new settlement route for those who have enhanced talent in some specific fields of interest. This route is a part of promised series of immigration categories by Home Office after Brexit including Australian Style point based skilled Immigration


Global Talent Visa UK route is for talented people and may be dream for some as there is no such requirement of Investment of a huge amount of money. According to criteria if an applicant fulfils the specific requirements, his/her dream of UK passport may come true.

If you are working in qualifying field and has been endorsed as Recognised Leader or Emerging Leader, you can apply for this visa to UK Visas & Immigration. The recognised leader mean you already have endorsed as Exceptional Talent person and if you qualify for some specific requirements, you can be endorsed as Emerging Leader via exceptional promise which means you are capable of being Recognised Leader.

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    QUALIFYING FIELDS For Global Talent Visa UK:

    Following are the relevant fields of talent which may be assessed for endorsement.



    There are two stages of application, firstly you have to make application for endorsement and after endorsement, and you can apply for vignette sticker or Biometric Residence Permit for Leave to Enter in UK. However the both applications can be made on same time but if endorsement will refuse, your application will also be liable to refuse automatically. In normal circumstances, an applicant will receive decision within 03 weeks from the date of application however the timeline will be greater than normal in case of extraordinary circumstances of applicant. However, in case of endorsement application, the processing duration is 08 weeks for the date of submission of application and payment of processing fee.

    You have to pay £456 for endorsement and after successful endorsement, the visa application will be submitted against a fee of £152. However for dependents application, the fee is a bit higher i.e. £608 for all dependents.

    You will also be liable to pay annual Immigration Health Surcharge depending on duration of stay. Normally, IHS amounts £400 per annum.


    Home Office has announced some endorsement bodies who will endorse the application under set criteria. For each qualifying field, there a separate endorsement body. However the applicant would not contact to the endorsement bodies or apply directly. The applications will be processed via UK Visas & Immigration and all applicants may apply for endorsement by following the mentioned web link

    Following are the endorsement bodies related to each qualifying field.

    1. The Royal Society, for science and medicine
    2. The Royal Academy of Engineering, for engineering
    3. The British Academy, for humanities
    4. Tech Nation, for digital technology
    5. Arts Council England, for arts and culture
    6. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), for research applicants
    7. British Fashion Council, for fashion
    8. Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), for architecture
    9. Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT), for film and television


    The general documents requirement is same as of most of residence visas of the United Kingdom i.e. Passport with 06 months validity, Tuberculosis Test Certificate. However the requirement of English Language Test is not mentioned in the policy guidance and it seems logical that this visa route is already for exceptional talented people i.e. scientist and researchers etc. Besides of these all, there are specific requirements for endorsement as recognised leader and emerging leader.

    The immigrants having valid Exceptional Talent Visa are exempt from new endorsement. They can apply directly to switch on this category.


    The endorsement criteria is unique and attracts only the genuine talented persons around the globe. However, the criteria is not much tougher and most of the potential applicants have achieved it already. Details of complete eligibility criteria is mentioned in Appendix W of the Immigration Rules which can be read at However, being professional advisors for United Kingdom Immigration, we would like to discuss a comprehensive note on endorsement requirements.

    First of all, in each related field, the duration of experience is minimum 05 years and any applicant will be eligible if he/she has more than 05 years’ experience in qualifying field. It sounds like easy but the upcoming requirements are tough somehow.

    The general requirements for Global Talent Visa UK each qualifying field is media recognition of your work in shape of articles, blogs, magazine covers, talk shows etc. and for the purpose of endorsement as Recognised leader, these recognition must be from 2 countries including applicant’s home country and for endorsement as Emerging Leader, the proof must be from at least 01 country. These media recognition proofs must be not be less than 10 different evidences and must be paper based.

    The other requirement which make this route only for genuine talented people around the globe is winning or nomination of any award related to qualifying field. For example, applicants related to arts and culture may be nominated or have won Lenin Award, or applicants related to Film and Televisions Sectors may be nominated or have won Academy or IIfa Award or something like that. These requirements are quite harder to achieve but wait, there is another qualifying field which do not need to have such kind of nominations etc.


    If you are related to Digital Technology or Information Technology field, this visa route may be for you. For endorsement in this field, there is no requirement of any award or nomination etc. The key to be endorsed as emerging or potential leader revolves only on two requirements which includes your affiliation with Digital Technology Industry as an entrepreneur, founder or even employee and your innovative work has been recognized locally or internationally. For this, you should be approved leading talent within the Digital Technology Industry. If you have completed something which is innovative and has been acknowledged within this sector, this visa may be your dream as there is no requirement for funds, maintenance, IELTS etc.


    Either you get a visa as Recognised Leader or Emerging Leader, the visa duration is 03 years Either you get a visa as Recognised Leader or Emerging Leader, the visa duration is 03 years

    Yes, the visa is renewable after 03 years.

    Yes, this visa route leads to the settlement in the United Kingdom.

    If you have leave to enter as Recognised Leader, you will go straight away for settlement once you completed 03 years in the United Kingdom. Otherwise, if your route is as Emerging Leader, you have to complete 05 years in the United Kingdom.

    After spending one year once you get the settlement in UK, you will be automatically entitled to apply for citizenship.

    UK Visas & Immigration do not charge any amount except the fee have been published on website. So there is no extra charges on the side of UKVI. However, if you get help of any Qualified Immigration Advisor, there must be some service charges on their part.

    UKVI do not require to submit your application via any Qualified Immigration Advisor, however to meet the specific requirements and to deal the technicalities, the presence of Immigration Advisor will be helpful.

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